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Excel Table Like Report

Question asked by petery009 on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by petery009

Hi All

Wonder if anybody has idea or experience of building a report like the format below:

There's a Site table, in that table, there's a Zone field (drop down value is editable: North, Edmonton, Central, Calgary ...)

There's another field Type (drop down value is editable: Addiction & Mental Health , Cancer Care ....),

# is the number of the sites.


I did have some ideas like:

1. create a new table, every time user wants to generate the report, create new record and set the Type for each , create a repeating field that store Zone value, and another repeating field to store # of site fields.  Make the report based on new table and show in list view. (logically work.)

but i don't like it, a bit of complex of calculation, and what if multiple user wants to generate the report at the same time.

2. use Web viewer, use html we can create table and fill the value in the table (theory seems work), again this one, i don't know if the print is an issue or not