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Quick find fails when related field left side is a global field

Question asked by flukey on Apr 9, 2015
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Trying to narrow down a problem I am having with inconsistent results using the native Quick Find feature from the toolbar, I have found that quick find fails if you have a related field on the layout that is related via a global field, and the quick find finds a matching value in that related field.  In such a case the find fails and returns all records.  If there is no matching value in the related field then it works as expected.


I have attached a simple file to illustrate this.  If you search for "John", it correctly finds the one record with this value.


If you search for "Leo", it returns all records.  This is because there is also a value named Leo in the Contact table (related field).  If you delete the "Leo" value in the contacts table or change it to something else, e.g. "go home", the quick find will work as expected and return the one matching record.


If you now go to the RG and change the relationship so that it does not use the global field as the left side of the relation, e.g. connect ID to ID, then everything works consistently as expected, regardless of whether there is also a data match in the related record or not.


Is this expected behavior or a bug?  I am using FMPA 13.0v5 on Windows 8.1.