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    Apple-Watch and FileMaker

    Benjamin Fehr

      Apple Watch got launched recently. I wonder if this means anything to FM-Development:

      - Is there any useful benefit for the FileMaker environment?

      - is anybody working with Apple Watch SDK?

      - is there any possible interaction with FMGo?

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          Benjamin Fehr

          any thoughts about, anybody?

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            I think there are opportunities to integrate the Watch with FileMaker.  SalesForce will have watchApp.

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              Benjamin Fehr

              … but no clue how far this can go. I still hope that somebody already took hands on the Apple SDK for the Apple Watch.

              I would be surprised if FMI would launch a native FMGo for AppleWatch App.

              But if …

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                I think support for Apple watch would be a great addition to FileMaker. There would need to be some changes to the FileMaker Go app the manage the Apple watch and pass data back and forth, and also changes to FileMaker Pro for building tiny watch layouts.


                The use case for FileMaker on Apple watch is interesting. I see the Apple Watch use case to be very similar to that of a regular watch. You'll glance at it occasionally during the day for small pieces of information - the time (obviously), weather, transport info,  sport scores, etc. Like the iPad and iPhone are often (incorrectly) referred to as a consumption device, initially the Apple Watch may be a "micro-consumption" device. Interaction is likely to be minimal.


                It's common now for FileMaker Developers to develop a dashboard to display data that is important to the client, often tied to the organisations KPI's. Imagine if we could build dashboards accessible from Apple Watch! It could work  in a similar way to the FM13 slide panel object, giving you the ability to swipe between slides (or glances). On each slide you'd display data that is important to the user. For example:

                • A sales database could have watch layouts to display total sales this week, month, expected commission, pipeline value, etc
                • A event management database could display current number of confirmed guests, tasks remaining to complete.


                That's my take on FileMaker and Apple watch. I'll put this forward to FileMaker as a feature request. I'm interested to hear what others think.

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                  just bought one for myself. I use FM for control inventory for a small business and would love to use it on my watch.

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                    Benjamin Fehr

                    Robert Samnegard at FileMakerBloggen.se posted a example of how to use your Apple Watch to remote control FMGo 14 via Bluetooth:

                    Scoreboard remote – control your Go-app with Bluetooth headset | FileMakerBloggen