Import XML file as text?

Discussion created by jjfcpa on Apr 11, 2015
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I tried to import an XML file as text by changing the file extension to TXT, but Filemaker still recognized it as XML and wants to import it as an XML file.  The problem is, I don't have an XSLT file that I can use to import it.


It's actually an XSD (schema) file and the reason I want to import it as text is because I want to search it for specific data elements and extract the validation data. 


This XSD file is provided by the IRS and is used to validate XML files submitted as a part of complying with the Affordable Care Act.  We are generating the compliance file and want to validate it against the XSD file.  I know there are some online XML validators but their XSD file actually consists of one XSD that actually refers to 3 others that are used for the validation.