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8 Problems That FileMaker 14 Should Fix But Probably Won’t

Question asked by jgalt on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by jormond

1 – The Multiple Window Problem on Windows

Windows users are taken out of full-screen mode as soon a second window is opened. This makes developing cross-platform solutions a huge pain for developers and ruins the experience for users. It's quite incredible that FileMaker ignores this problem year after year.


2 – The Single View Layout Problem

As the average user’s screen size has increased FileMaker has failed to address the layout issues when dealing with list views on wider displays. In most instances a 1920 pixel wide list view is too wide, leaving a huge section of unused space which looks ridiculous. What developers really need is a “Split View Layout Option” so we can combine a List View and a Single Record View into a single layout. Sure...we can create layouts that are similar to this using portals but portals introduce all sorts of additional problems and limitation such as sorting, maintaining scroll position, and huge performance issues when dealing with large numbers of records.


3 – The Nightmare Called the Relationship Graph

It is hard to believe that we have not seen any improvements to the Relationship Graph since it’s initial introduction. At the very least we should be able to toggle between the current Graphical View and a List View version of the graph. We should also be able to search, filter and organize the graph just like we can with scripts. The abilty to copy and paste a graph from on solution to another would be awesome.


4 – Problems with the Define Fields Window

Why on earth can’t we search and filter this window just like we can in the Field Picker? We should also be able to organize these into folders like we can with scripts.


5 – Inconsistencies Between Platforms

The introduction of popovers and slide panels are great but why don’t these behave the same on Mac and Windows? Seriously, what is the Windows limitation that prevents the animation effects from working? The animations are also poorly implemented. They lack the finesse of modern web browsers and the iOS. Developers should have total control over animation speed and easing.


6 – The Navigation Problem

Not having a universal navigation system between layouts creates a huge amount of extra work for developers. Sure, we can fake a menu system using portals but this make a solution unnecessarily complex.


7 – The Cluttered Layout Problem

It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and select objects when in Layout View. Especially now that we can programmatically hide elements. We need "Layers" (similar to Photoshop) so we can better manage and organize all of the layout elements. The ability to create layers, hide layers, and arrange their stacking order would be a real game changer for developers.


8 – The Font Problem

It's hard to develop a great looking interface when you don't have control over the exact font that is being used. The ability embed specific fonts into a websites has transformed the way websites look and feel and it would do the same for FileMaker solutions. It would also allow developers to replace heavy graphics with much lighter weight (retina-ready) icon fonts. Make it so FileMaker, make it so!


Did I miss anything?