Making a living as a FileMaker developer...pros and cons

Discussion created by c0nsilience on Apr 14, 2015
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Since developers seem to be curious creatures by nature, I thought it might be fun interesting to share some of our perspectives on the good and bad of this elegant platform.  Without further adieu, here goes:


The Good

  • "Good products sell themselves" - FM is easy to get passionate about, so evangelism seems like an eventual side affect.
  • Right Brain vs. Left Brain = moot point - Good development requires design aesthetic, as well as, Occam's Razor.
  • FileMaker is an intuitive platform - much easier to get an ROI with quick development time.
  • Scalability, it isn't just for Spiderman - With proper planning, FM databases can grow as your client's business does.
  • Adaptability...enough to make Darwin blush.


The Bad

  • What's FileMaker? - some IT folks have never heard of it, so it can be a hard sell to those that think iPads are toys.
  • Apple owns it - this is a boon to me, but there are some companies that just don't like Apple.....crazy, right?
  • Non-Linux flavored
  • Can be a little costly with concurrent connections - not Oracle costly, but a little costly.
  • End users don't like change - Yep, this isn't the Sharepoint system that you're used to......oh, this is infinitely better!


Anything that you devs would like to add or elaborate on, please do.  This community is a wonderful resource for all of us!