Container Fields Suddenly 'Missing' linked Content

Discussion created by iceman7 on Apr 13, 2015
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I developed a solution that utilizes container fields in about a dozen different places through the solution. In about half dozen instances I used external storage. All was well for six months. Suddenly last week the linked container fields all display "missing." All of them. Linked files cannot be viewed, accessed or exported.


I was directed by FileMaker Tech to copy the db and linked file folders to where I could work with them offline, shorten the file names/paths and then afterwards restore everything to the server. I did exactly that and believed resolution to the issue was at hand. Working locally on a different computer all the linked files displayed normally and were perfectly accessible.


But when I copied everything back to the server: it was as before for all FM clients. Nothing was resolved. I have absolutely no idea what to do about this and it's a huge deal--not only with the immediate project. The next phase of work with this client was to help them go paperless. If FileMaker cannot reliably store linked documents....Houston, we have a problem.