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    Importing remote data in to multiple databases


      I have a problem that is new to me and was hoping someone with experience might shed some light on this.


      I have a vertical solution with each customer having their own hosted database.


      On another server each day a file is created that makes up records with the name of the customers site and a field for each piece of data I am collecting.  So on any given day each of my customers may or may not have several new records created that I will need to import and match up to a related record in their FileMaker Data.


      What I want to do is daily, have each matching database, collect the matching information in that remote file and store the data in the correct related record


      Any thoughts as the best approach.  Do I need each file to import all the data then parse it to only related records?


      Is there a way to only import the related records in the first place.


      How do I access a remote file?  Do I have to move the file first to the FM server?


      Any ideas is appreciated!





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          I did a similar thing where one server (client) would write it's records to a remote data source (provider) daily as a server scheduled script. The remote source was setup during the install process, but it would point to your central server.


          What was neat about our solution is it had a built-in lock, meaning that it could disable the system or alert the provider unless the lock was cleared daily on schedule. Since you're already "phoning home" you can adapt this as your own personal license key if you want for your vertical.


          The above scheme could be adapted for you, by setting up a temp table in your main database, and only giving access for your client's servers to write their records to that table. You could then process the records from the temp table into what you need.


          Since you're dealing with potentially overlapping sources, make sure to use UUIDs as match keys, and not serial numbers.

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            Thanks Mike






            How did you get the data to the Filemaker server?


            Did you actually move it or import some other way?







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              No need to move the file. You can access the remote files as an external data source. File>Manage>External Data Sources.


              There are other ways, but this has been easy for me.

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                Thanks Big Tom, I will try that

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                  Yeah, what bigtom said, just as an external data source. Each client would have the remote temp table inside their file’s relationship graph.

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                    You can transfer data from one file to another using Perform Script and a paramter or use Import/Export and a matching field UUID.


                    The Perform Script method is a bit tedious at times but it works with Photographs and BEST OF ALL it is easy to add new fields.


                    You do NOT need to add TOs and manage them. The receiving table can be anywhere and it needs one script for the Perform step and one script for the distribution of data.


                    I use this as a BLOB which I first encountered 20 years ago working on a 4th Dimension project. One BLOB of data could contain records from many tables and contain flags for various actions in the scripts. The idea was to transfer data to many user files with almost no user interaction involved.


                    Using this idea I am able to spend the day taking photographs of various properties and when ever I choose send those records to Momma (My Original Multiple Media App).


                    If needed the same BLOB can be sent to other computers with no extra effort.


                    Repeat: Using Perform Script (parameter) eliminates the need to add TOs and all that extra effort. If all of the files match, then one simple script (or not so simple) can be pasted or imported and do the job.


                    I've also been able to upload a blank file (no tables, no scripts) to a server and use another with scripts to create the tables in that file. Which means additional tables can be added at any time using a script.


                    I'm looking to create independent self sufficient files that log in to grab info, log out to go to work, and log back in to send the data to the storehouse.


                    Oh my, I just thought of a better way to design my IOS files...