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Importing remote data in to multiple databases

Question asked by Tom_Droz on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by disabled_jackrodgers

I have a problem that is new to me and was hoping someone with experience might shed some light on this.


I have a vertical solution with each customer having their own hosted database.


On another server each day a file is created that makes up records with the name of the customers site and a field for each piece of data I am collecting.  So on any given day each of my customers may or may not have several new records created that I will need to import and match up to a related record in their FileMaker Data.


What I want to do is daily, have each matching database, collect the matching information in that remote file and store the data in the correct related record


Any thoughts as the best approach.  Do I need each file to import all the data then parse it to only related records?


Is there a way to only import the related records in the first place.


How do I access a remote file?  Do I have to move the file first to the FM server?


Any ideas is appreciated!