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FM13v9 Update Sequencing Questions

Question asked by maxheller on Apr 14, 2015

I have a few questions on the sequencing of the FM13v9 update as described at:


Security Update instructions for the FileMaker 13 platform | FileMaker


1) Can the servers/clients be upgraded from 13v3 to 13v9 without updating to 13v4/13v5?

2) If I already have a Third party-custom certificate, do I need to generate a new one?

3) If I upgrade the server to 13v9, but the client is not yet updated from 13v3 (so between steps 3 and 4), and FMS is set to use SSL connections, will the clients still be able to connect? Will they get an error message? If so, will disabling SSL connections on FMS allow them to connect/prevent error messages?


Separate/related question that has been holding us up on doing 13v5 client updates:


Is there any way to silently run the update installer and prevent it from installing Bonjour is it is not present? he update is being pushed as a broadcast package that will have no user interaction. I found the command line switches in the network install guide, but I am having trouble to get it work with the updater and it still seems to always pop up the Bonjour installer.