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    Deconetwork  and the Deconet API



      (1) Looking at the Deconetwork URL below, specifically the code (dark coloured background), is it be possible to integrate a FileMaker solution using the Deconet API?

      (2) If it is possible, what would be the mechanism to push/pull data? For example: Go To URL in FileMaker or a custom web publishing PHP interface to the FileMaker database or a plug-in technology?


      A potential client asked me to respond to the email request below:

      I'm looking at the option of moving our website to Deconetwork , its a white label web system where customers can enter orders directly, among other functions. It has it's own job system, but it doesn't cover nearly any of the functions I need from Filemaker, so I would need to run them together - but that worries me about doubling up of  info, potential errors. The Deconet API service looks like we can send queries though , so hopefully they can communicate, and not double up. Would you mind having a quick look at this, mainly the black code blocks, and let me know if this is language Filemaker can work with?


      Me again:
      Working with a foreign API is out of my league, so I am happy to recommend other developers who can deliver this type of service.

      Thanks in advance.

      Michael Richards

      Brisbane (Australia)

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          1) Sure, PHP APIs are easy to integrate into filemaker.


          2), Three ways, actually, to do this.

          a) Program a bunch of .php pages that live on a web server (outside filemaker) that send or process data via the Insert From URL script step. EG insert from URL [ "http://www.yoursite.com/fm/pullRecord.php?id=" & table::id ]. In filemaker you would then parse out the resultant data into your filemaker system. Pretty much you're configuring your own REST API to call from FileMaker (since deconet doesn't have one).

          b) Use a plugin, such as SmartPill by Scodigo. This will allow you to execute PHP scripts directly from the filemaker calculation engine. This is more convenient then the above, but smartpill isn't free.

          c) CWP, This one's pretty interesting. You can combine PHP from the API to pull/push data with Custom Web Publishing connections to filemaker. You could then use cron jobs to run the scripts on the web server at a regular interval. It's like option A, but all the work is done in PHP, filemaker just acts like a data source.


          Not sure what your budget is on this, but there are a few developers around that do dual duty in PHP / FileMaker (myself included), feel free to send me a private message if interested.

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            I would advise against the Smartpill option as it is not FMS13 capable. A new version has been promised but never delivered. It is good if you are using FM12. I wish Scodigo had the new version out already. It is not that expensive.


            Using PHP pages on a server is not too difficult. Any web server anywhere will do.

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              Sorry, I am not PHP developer myself. Can php cli be used to integrate APIs? On a mac it is preinstalled.

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                You wouldn’t be doing your integration via the command line really.


                You could potentially use the same machine running FMP to setup a local PHP server to host and execute the PHP scripts, but if you don’t code PHP, I wouldn’t suggest diving into the world of managing a XAMPP or other local server. LAMP stack hosting is dirt cheap and available everywhere. You’ll most likely have to outsource a PHP dev to write the scripts that will send and get information from the API via a REST-like interface like I described above. Just make sure to be clear with the dev about what parameters you’ll be handing for sending data, and what format you want the data in for pulling it.

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                  You wouldn’t be doing your integration via the command line really.


                  My apology, Mike. Did you mean that usage of cli is not going to work with api or we should not use command line for production? I have used bash/cmd quite a bit, but not with php. It is a bit easier on the mac, which usually comes with a lot of things preinstalled.

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                    You just shouldn’t even consider it. Either way you’ll be writing PHP, and executing PHP on a web server stored as .php scripts is hundreds of times easier than trying to do the same via command line. All of the PHP devs I know (myself included) either have a local development server or password protected live server that they write/upload/test code on. I don’t know of anyone that uses the CLI for PHP.