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Deconetwork  and the Deconet API

Question asked by itraining on Apr 15, 2015
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(1) Looking at the Deconetwork URL below, specifically the code (dark coloured background), is it be possible to integrate a FileMaker solution using the Deconet API?

(2) If it is possible, what would be the mechanism to push/pull data? For example: Go To URL in FileMaker or a custom web publishing PHP interface to the FileMaker database or a plug-in technology?


A potential client asked me to respond to the email request below:

I'm looking at the option of moving our website to Deconetwork , its a white label web system where customers can enter orders directly, among other functions. It has it's own job system, but it doesn't cover nearly any of the functions I need from Filemaker, so I would need to run them together - but that worries me about doubling up of  info, potential errors. The Deconet API service looks like we can send queries though , so hopefully they can communicate, and not double up. Would you mind having a quick look at this, mainly the black code blocks, and let me know if this is language Filemaker can work with?

Me again:
Working with a foreign API is out of my league, so I am happy to recommend other developers who can deliver this type of service.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)