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    Using TAB char (9) to align text column


      I'm trying to do a text calculation field to make a custom list of FusionCode with Description. I want the Description to start aligned on the ligne no matter what is the length of the preceding FusionCode.



      %%%ABC%%%                    Description

      %%%QWERTYABC%%%     Description



      So I do the following calculation: Length ( FusionCode ) / 4 (4 is the length of a tab char expressed in space) and I add a char(9) until the total length of the FusionCode is 32.

      But here what I got (see image). At the end of each line, you will find two number. The first is the length of the FusionCode (starting and ending with %%%), the second one is the number of TAB charactere between FusionCode and Description. I can't explain why sometime the Description text is NOT aligned.


      Any clue?