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Best approaches to upgrading a FM Advanced file

Question asked by maestrodevelopment on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2016 by Vincent_L

We have a solution with 30 tables and over 3,000 fields.  It is released as a FM Advanced file WITHOUT any role that has [Full Access].  All activities that a user can do are scripted and controlled through buttons, etc. - there are no accessible menus.  So....


What are the best approaches to designing for an upgrade?  If we do an upgrade and it involves new tables, new fields and even changed fields, how do we get the data from the old file to the new with a very high degree of integrity.  I would love to hear some thoughts around best practices and approaches to handling upgrades.  What are the gotchas that people have had to deal with.  Everything has to be scripted as the user has no access to any menus.


Thanks in advance.