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FM Go data entry takes hours to appear for other users?

Question asked by jmrusch on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by HortGroup

A client has a database hosted on FM Server 13 through a hosting service. He accesses it with FM Go 13 on an iPad. Today he updated some records in the database using a fairly complex layout with portals and buttons. After he made his changes, he emailed me so I could do some further processing of the data. Only 15 records were changed. Only one field on each of the 15 records was changed directly but several unstored calculation fields would also have updated.


When I opened the database using FMP Advanced 13, I could not see any of his changes. I closed and reopened the database, then closed and reopened FM, which no luck. I contacted the client and when he returned my call three hours later I asked him what he saw. He had turned his iPad off, but when he restarted and opened the database, he could still see his changes. So I again closed and reopened the database with FMPA but still didn't see the changes. I even went to the very simple "work" layouts to in case the problem was the complex layout but I still didn't see his changes.


About five minutes later, while he was reading me the data changes over the phone, I happened to glance at my screen and amazingly the changes were suddenly there.


So my questions: has anyone else seen this type of behavior? Does anyone have any idea of what might be going on?


99.9% of my experience is with FMP or FMPA users accessing FM Server-hosted databases, so FM Go is pretty new to me. Since I've never seen this happen before, I suspect it's FM Go-related. Does that seem likely?