Scary Movie!!! - watch a FileMaker file loose its data

Discussion created by CarstenLevin on Apr 17, 2015
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Let me be very clear: This is the first time I have seen this happen. And do not show it to children or people with faint psyche.


A short prelude:

  • A friend of mine build his own FileMaker solution. It is hosted at a very reliable FileMaker hosting company (a competitor to my own company).
  • He called me last Friday: "My FileMaker database is loosing data, and I am sure that it is not me who are doing something wrong".
  • I got acces to the database running at the server and could see that he was probably right.
  • I got the hosting company to send me a backup of the database from just before the problem occurred.


The solution is originally build with FileMaker 9 or 10 by a business owner who have used FileMaker at his own company for many years. He is building his own solutions and although he is not "a developer" or certified or anything he know what he is doing.


He claimed that when he added a new record and entered data it would at the same time delete another record. I had a look and at once saw that the new record I created got the correct serial number (106), but then I tried putting a field with the Record ID on the layout ... and even though I just created the record it had got Record ID "1". This should of course be impossible.


And ... should you not believe it: Have a look at this Scary Movie.