Finding if found set of records match existing records in a join table

Discussion created by macrolide on Apr 18, 2015
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In the setup shown above, I am trying to save records from "Data" into "SavedSets" for each User.

Before adding a UserDefinedRecordSet to the SavedSets table, I wanted to check if the records that are being saved into the SavedSets Table is an exact match for an existing set of Records the user has created.


I tried creating an UnstoredglobalField Data::gRecordID_ofCurrentFoundSet to contain the RecordIDs of the current found set (using a custom function from Briandunning), hoping an EQUAL to Relationship between the globalField and SavedSets::DataID_fk field would work. A calculation checking if Get(FoundCount) IS EQUAL to Count(FoundRecords_Match_DataIDfk::DataID_fk) if returned TRUE meant a match. But it does not work.


Any suggestions how to make this work?