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    Filemaker Go and the Apple Watch?


      Has anyone tried this? I am not sure exactly how it would work, but I know many times the watch needs to be connected to an iOS device.


      I know that some people already use FileMaker in medical applications. It would be interesting to see the Apple Watch start to bridge the gap between Filemaker and other data input hardware. This is a feature seriously lacking.


      I sent in a feature request for being able to have inputs via the 3.5mm and the lightning port as well as bluetooth. Hopefully FM sees the value in it. Either way, I was thinking to get the Apple Watch dev kit and see what I might be able to do with it.

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          You can not, if I understand anything right, install Filemaker Go or any other old iOS app on an Apple Watch. You need to develop a new app specific to the Apple Watch. The technologies are of course compatible, but it is not like three sizes of the samme appliance: Apple Watch->iPhone->iPad.


          With the developer kit you may be able to develop a solution accessing data from a FileMaker Server via CWP/XML. But probably not from FileMaker Go on the iPhone/iPad, since this does not have any API's or server functionality.


          Al l this is probably going to change in the future ... but for now I believe that the options are limited.

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            Benjamin Fehr

            My discussion about Apple Watch didn't get much attention so far. It seems that only few developers care about Apple Watch and opportunities for FM:

            Apple-Watch and FileMaker

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              I could not find that topic earlier. Searching on this Community is horrible. But no responses there either.


              I think there can be interaction, but it looks cumbersome. There is so much Filemaker is missing out on because physical hardware inputs require a separate app running in the background. A good example are iPad POS solutions with laser barcode scanners as well as card and RFID readers that are connected directly to the device. I was hoping the Apple Watch may be a spring board to get FM to see the value of automated data capturing. Companies want this and they do not want it to be complicated.


              There are a ton of industrial and medical applications for this kind of hardware interaction. One in specific is collecting measurements on manufactured items for QC. A part rolls in and the operator scans a barcode for the particular part and uses a measuring tool that has a digital output. The operator can tap a foot medal to record the measurement and the part rolls out and a new one rolls in. This allows the operator to work quickly to store the data easily without even interacting with the iOS device after initial setup. If this could be done with an old PC running windows XP with Excel and WedgeLink software 10 years ago, FileMaker should be able to do something similar.


              There are sensors for weather stations, lab sensors, all kinds of sensors with calibrated outputs that should be easily able to input into fields and display live data within FileMaker Go or Pro.

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                Benjamin Fehr

                To be honest. I have very low expectations on this (let's say out of experiences in the past). Though adressing the AppleNotificationsCenter on Apple Watch might be best you can expect! Even this might take a lot of work.

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                  Benjamin Fehr

                  I once wrote a routine to have FMGo to communicate with a iPhone Swipe-Reader. Depending on the manufacturer and what kind of technique is supported, lot of things can be achieved. Some of the have SDK's to help.


                  All I remember is that I used a dedicated URL in order to open a iApp (call it a "Middleware") that handles the communications with the swipe-reader. I was also able to append a Vars in the URL to hand over to this iApp and due to that, this iApp closed after performing and went back to FMGo to fill in a result in a field.


                  many iApp's have their own URL you can use in a 'open-URL' script in to open this App. Obviously, there are ways to send datas and instructions to a App, embedded in the URL.

                  If this switching between Apps takes too much time, FMGo will require to log-in again …