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Table Relationship Issue

Question asked by burghfan on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by burghfan

I have a solution to track two different types of orders; "Commission Orders" or "Distributor Orders"


New "orders" can be placed by three different types of Clients; "Customers", "Contractors" and "Engineers"


Commission Orders are tracked in the "Comm Tracked Orders" table and Distributor Orders are tracked in the "Distr Tracked Orders" table


I can get all three Client tables (Customers, Contractors & Engineers) to relate to the "Comm Order Tracking" Table and to the "Distr Order Tracking Table".


But only the "Customer" Client table will all me to create a relationship to the "Distr Order Tracking Table"


New Orders (either Commission or Distributor) are enter via a Portal within the Client table. The "Comm Tracked Order" Portal" is fine in all three Client tables, the "Distr Tracked Orders" Portal functions the same only in the "Customer Table" but since I cannot get the the "Contractor and Engineer" to relate in the "Distr Tracked Orders" table the portal won't function.


In the both the "Comm Tracked Orders" & "Distr Tracked Orders" Tables I have fields labeled; Customer ID, Contractor ID and Engineer ID


Each Client table has an ID field (serial number) corresponding to that table i.e.; Customer ID in the Customer table, Contractor ID in the Contractor table and Engineer ID in the Engineer table.


Any help would be appreciated thank you.


See the attached screen shot