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Finding records with a script to send an email

Question asked by tmslayton on Apr 22, 2015
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I am sure this is a newbie question (as I am). I am trying to prepare an email using the Send Mail script step to send to multiple recipients in a single email.


The relationships in the data look like this


Reminders ->

     Program ->

          ProgramStaff => (This table holds multiple records between program and staff)



On the reminder layout I have a button to send an email. I have the Send Mail options set to the following.


Send Via: Email Client

Create:  One email using data from the current record

To:  Staff::StaffWorkEmail

    Collect addresses across found set: checked.



Shouldn't FileMaker find and create a string of email addresses from the Staff table using the relationship of ProgramStaff? My expectation in test case that I'd get a string with two email addresses as I have two entries in the ProgramStaff.


When ever I click the button I only get one email address.


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