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FileMaker File Size Question

Question asked by jnardozza on Apr 22, 2015
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Hello all,


Recently I have been working on a small test file designed to conduct performance tests. I've noticed a strange problem with the file and I was hoping someone might have an answer for me!


A little background on the file first. The file is unencrypted, with only a single user account set to full access. There are four layouts, and six table occurrences. The relationship graph has only one established relationship. There are 3 tables, their details are below.


Console - 6 fields, 3 of which are global, one calculation which references a field in the same table. Only one record at any time.


Performance_Data - 34 fields, 14 calculations and 14 summary fields, all calculations reference data in the same table. Usually contains less than 200 records.


Dummy_Data - 6 Fields, no calculations, only the primary key is indexed. Fields are: Text (primary key), text (random UUID), date (date of record creation), number (random integer between 1-100), timestamp (creation timestamp), and time (creation time).

This is the table I believe I am having an issue with.



While creating records in the Dummy_Data table, I have noticed the file size is growing at a huge rate. At 0 records in the Dummy_Data table, the filesize is 352kb. At 46,400 records the filesize grows to 3.78GB. There are no container fields in the entire database. The relationship graph contains only one relationship, and there are only four layouts. Does anyone have any ideas on why the file size is growing so quickly?


Thanks for any input,