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    BOX and Filemaker?


      Has anybody tried to integrate the BOX API in a Filemaker Web Direct database yet? Is it even possible to build in a javascript widget like this into a FMP database?  We store assets and files on Box and would love to integrate the uploading and storage via FMP to BOX.  Your insite is appreciated.

      Box Platform Developer Documentation

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          have not personally done this, but did similar integrations for dropbox.


          but why not just load their example into a webviewer and see if it works? You can even load their "box embed" platform:

          Box Platform Developer Documentation

          into a webviewer.


          In what way are you trying to integrate it into filemaker? Seamless mirroring of container data from a specific set of records? It's a lot of work, but I've done 0auth and curl API work before via filemaker.


          It looks like the fully blown out API uses CURL to process requests. You'll most likely need a plugin to get "full" functionality out of it. I'd suggest BaseElements, which has plenty of curl options, and is free:

          Curl Options with our FileMaker Plugin | Goya Pty Ltd

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            Any success with this?  I'm looking into the same thing, and was homing someone would have some scripts already made so I didn't have to jump into all this curl and json that is over my head and would take me a long time to learn and sort out.  I'm just looking for the most basic functions of directory list, post file and retrieve file...



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              It's a fairly big undertaking but it has been done before.  Don't expect people to just give it away though.  When we did it last a few months ago I think upwards of 100h went into just getting the authentication working for a system-to-system background integration (not a plain user login).


              The main issues we had was with their API documentation, it always seemed to lack one or two crucial details.

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                Thanks for the insight- I kind of suspected as much.  By Box's API demo videos they (of course) imply that it's a simple call and response and just a matter of formatting and parsing data.  But I had a feeling there was far more too it than was being shown, especially from FM where curl and json functions seem to need to be added on and such.

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                  We use the BaseElements plugin for the API calls; dead-simple to use and very easy to read and maintain.  That part is easy.


                  The Box APIs documentation looks good and looks complete but it isn't.  Had to rely on their support a fair bit to get over crucial humps.

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                    wimdecorte wrote:


                    The Box APIs documentation looks good and looks complete but it isn't. Had to rely on their support a fair bit to get over crucial humps.

                    I usually find that is what integrations are all about: figuring out what they are NOT telling you in the docs.  ::-(