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Turning on Access log in Filemaker Server 13

Question asked by jc_sc on Apr 24, 2015
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I've been asked to report on user activity to management, followed directions which included going to FMS 13 Admin Console, select "Database Server", then "Logging" tab, and enable the "Access" log. As I understand it I should then find the access.log file in the \Library\Filemaker Server\Logs folder. while there are a number of logs there including event.log and stats.log, but no access.log.


When I go to the Log Viewer pane in the admin console I click on "Modules" and then select "Server Access" but nothing is there. Plenty of items show up for Server Events but nothing when I have just "Server Access" selected. I've played around with "Type", changing start/end dates, "Refresh" etc. with no luck....


Am I missing something?


Thank you!