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Slow performance and file size increase

Question asked by on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2015 by siplus

I have been having issues with a solution that is stored on a server. I created the solution with FMP13 on my mac, choosing the minimum version to open the file as FMP12 (it never occurred to me that I could not modify it using FMP12). Once on the server, I was unable to access the file on my mac so I made numerous modifications on my PC using FMP12. The file grew tremendously and became very buggy. I finally found the information below in the knowledge base, and I suspect this is exactly what is happening in my case.



Saving a layout with an unknown object causes slow performance and file size increase | FileMaker

Saving a layout in FileMaker Pro 12 that contains an unknown object or an object from a newer version of FileMaker Pro causes the file to become slower and slower and the file size to increase rapidly over time.


For example:

  1. Create a file in FileMaker Pro 13
  2. Enter Layout mode, add a Popover onto the layout (which will be unknown object for FileMaker 12).
  3. Save the file and close it.
  4. Open the file in FileMaker Pro 12
  5. Enter Layout mode, insert a rectangle.
  6. Move the rectangle a little bit and save the layout, repeat this process 20 times.

Result: As you complete step 6, FileMaker will use more and more memory to complete and the file size increases significantly.


Modify and save the layout in FileMaker Pro 13 and the file size will restore to the correct size



I need to continue modifying the file, and I can only access the file using FMP12. Does anyone know of another workaround other than recreating the solution using FMP12?