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    Remote FM work needed…


      Hi, all

      Work has dried up for me at the moment so please anyone interested in outsourcing some duties updating or modernising any solutions let talk…


      Thank you Alfred

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          Some more data about your background, experience, location would probably help.

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            true, I am currently at Townsville Qld working on a project combining a custom Marina solution with iOS iPad invoicing as as well as tasking solution, I have a School Report solution and extensive work done in Disabilty care.

            it seems I need to pick my markets more carefully I am happy do discuss or show interested parties via Skype or FaceTime.

            Just felt I needed to put the word out tonight. I am good at building almost anythingin FM  just lousy at marketing.

            Have been using FileMaker sinse 1995! Version 6 I belive.

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              this new forum format is somewhat badly behaved right, I try to edit however the option is not available…

              only trying to fix a spelling mistake… did type this last one on my Phone after all.

              even changed to Google Chrome to see if it worked

              actions not available.jpeg

              …Why not is there a good reason for it?

              is there a time limit to edit, maybe it should be longer?

              "since version 6 meant to say I believe"

              anyway my approach now it to focus more on connecting some custom sections to existing Templates (they are quite good now) so why keep on reinventing the wheel right?

              you can always open the other file and transport the needed information across in a list variable a la script result or similar approach… once there update a $$Variable and reuse, update  it next time you move onto it…

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                You and me both. I've also been looking for work for quite some time now. It's not looking good at all.

                I won't hijack your thread by putting my details here.


                Good luck.