Opening hidden windows

Discussion created by marcodezordo on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by erolst

Bet this has been discussed here before, but can't find any reference. I often open new "hidden" windows for working on other tables or records without affecting the frontmost window. I know this has performance impact, but find situations where the pros definitely outnumber the cons.

Prior to FM 12 I used to open those windows with a Distance From Top = Get ( ScreenHeight ). When upgrading to FM 12 (I think, but could be wrong) we started to have problems on some Windows pc, with windows showing up when they weren't supposed to. We tried negative numbers for the Distance From Top, and finally switched to Top = 5000. Which I do not like.


Is there a "best practice" in hiding windows?


Btw, to set the Distance From Top I use a custom function that tests a global variable (like $$debug) and returns either 5,000 (or the ScreenHeight or whatever) or - if $$debug is true - Get (WindowTop ) + 40.