Can FM access the iPhone's motion info?

Discussion created by artdoc on Apr 29, 2015
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Working on a project for a taxi service that uses text messaging to dispatch ride requests. The problem is that one or two of the dispatchers actually also drive at times, and so they have to create the text messages to send off to other drivers. The problem is that they are in a car, so adding the needed info in a consistant way (done with forms in an iPad at HQ) is hard enough on their iPhones, but worse, they try to do this while driving (dictating?) I was wondering if there is a way to acces the new motion sensors to determine if the car is moving and script a cancellation of the process until the car is parked?


I know that mobile can use GPS info, but trying to measure travel would be clunky. Elegant would be just finding out the iPhone is moving at X MPH.