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    Can FM access the iPhone's motion info?


      Working on a project for a taxi service that uses text messaging to dispatch ride requests. The problem is that one or two of the dispatchers actually also drive at times, and so they have to create the text messages to send off to other drivers. The problem is that they are in a car, so adding the needed info in a consistant way (done with forms in an iPad at HQ) is hard enough on their iPhones, but worse, they try to do this while driving (dictating?) I was wondering if there is a way to acces the new motion sensors to determine if the car is moving and script a cancellation of the process until the car is parked?


      I know that mobile can use GPS info, but trying to measure travel would be clunky. Elegant would be just finding out the iPhone is moving at X MPH.

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          FMGo  has only been out a few years, and FM has been giving it away most of that time, so features and upgrades have been limited.  There is not a built in function in FMGo to detect if the phone is moving. 


          You can always make a feature request at Company | FileMaker

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            The best you could do inside of filemaker is script a delay, calling a Location() function before and after the pause and see if there's a significant change.


            jbante has done a lot of work regarding the accuracy of the Location() function, my thought is that it might not be accurate enough for your needs without a long pause.


            It might just be in your best interest to not try and build in a block, but rather build in a warning message OnOpen or at the beginning of the texting script that warns a user not to text while driving. This at least gives you protection if something bad happens down the line.


            Besides, taxis are regularly stuck in traffic, so at a red light, they could bypass your system. And using GPS and looping scripts will drain battery life as well.

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              Good ideas. I have now submitted a feature request, and I have a sneaky plan for the moving driver(s): I the needed info from Dispatch is pretty limited. I have taken my iPad version, reduced it to a single screen for iPhone (if screen width <.xxx.Etc) to only open a window ith the minimum info needed, then they can disctate a few data bits and press send. Funky spelling notwithstanding, this might work! But a warning screen is a good idea too.


              I realize a stopped car might start moving again, or that a person might be a passenger. I just thought it was worth finding out if motion could be a key test for the job.



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                artdoc wrote:


                (if screen width <.xxx.Etc)

                There's a dedicated function for that now: Get ( Device )

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                  I do believe dictation works.


                  FMGo needs to be support access to all of the sensors and inputs from the devices. I put in a feature request for this some time ago. Hopefully they will add it in soon.

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                    re: Get(Device)...

                    I (re)discovered that! I had used get(platform) once to separate Mac from iPad versions of a database, and yesterday I found the device sniffer! Now my datbase opens in the iPhone with a red screen advising DON'T TEXT while Driving! And a button that says "I'm Parked" to move to the layout for data input. Not a perfect solution, but since no solution would be, it's enough for now.


                    Right now these people simply dictate to Siri to compose a TXT message. The five data chunks are spoken in random order, and of course spelling of street and client names is pretty funny! My form is short and simple. Then I think they will accept my suggestion that they turn to emails, Anyway, an interesting project.


                    Yes, having access to motion info could have some fun benefits.