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    PSOS and ExecuteSQL function doesn't open external file source


      Was just programming some PSOS (Perform Scipt on Server) and I wonder if this is a bug?  What do you guys think... if so I'll commit it as one.


      The Setup:


      File A : Database with interface

      File B : Database with settings


      File B has been set up as "settings" as external data source in A, pointing to a table called settings.


      In File A I perform a script


      GetName ( settingCode )

         Set Variable ($name ; ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT name FROM settings WHERE settingCode = ? " ; "" ; "" ; Get ( ScriptParameter ) ) )

         ExitScript ($name)


      this works fine.  If file B was not open, this script step opens it.




      if I perform the script on server and File B wasn't open on the client it fails and returns a ?


      if the B file is opened before calling the PSOS script it works as expected.


      Wondering if that is a bug?  I would expect het PSOS "thread" to act a client and also trigger the opening of File B when the ExecuteSQL is called.


      I hadn't noticed this before because most of the time when developing you already have files open in the background...