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Actual Tech ODBC driver issue.

Question asked by bigtom on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 16, 2015 by LSNOVER

So I know FMGo has an issue with ODBC connections after sleeping. This has been an issue for me for a while.


Today along with a user having the connection error they also got a message that there were more than 10 connections and the scripted task could not be completed. It continued to throw out some network error. Dumping FMGo was the only way out.


I went to a desktop and checked what was going on in FM Pro. At this particular time there were only 4 Pro clients and one Go client connected. Not all were making connections to the ODBC source. How could it ever hit a limit of 10? This has never happened before. I had one client on Pro showing the same over limit connection error and the others were fine. The Pro client was stuck throwing out the error and a force quit was my only option.


Anyone have any advice on this? I did buy the pro pack and have 10 connections, but it is installed on the server and I have always had it treating this situation like one connection from the server and not as client connections. Is this a case of the server making more than 10 connections at one time?


From Actual Technologies


"When using External SQL Sources, the FileMaker application hosting the database makes all ODBC connections on behalf of the clients. Since the driver is only installed on the Mac hosting the FileMaker database, you only need a single "seat" license for the driver."


But they also have something about connections per seat that is not really clear.