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Can FileMaker API for PHP v11 work with PHP v5.4

Question asked by Malcolm on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by user19752

I have to move a CWP web site that talks to FMS11. The new location has PHP v5.4 installed and as a result I'm seeing a lot of warnings from PHP and very little HTML.


The following PHP notice is very common ( the line number and the file differ ).

PHP Notice:  Only variable references should be returned by reference in C:\inetpub\ibegonias\FileMaker\....


When I look at the file I find functions that look like this.


function &getField($V972bf3f0)


if (isset($this->_fields[$V972bf3f0])) {

return $this->_fields[$V972bf3f0];


return $Vcb5e100e =& new FileMaker_Error($this->_fm, 'Field Not Found');                       // <--- this line is triggering the notice



Is it possible to get the v11 API code working with PHPv5.4? Should I try? Or should I consider using the XML interface?