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I have the ability to push schema updates to UI files? (Data Separation)

Question asked by StevenM on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by planteg

Hey FileMaker Enthusiasts,


I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a solution I have implemented for pushing updates to UI files.


The situation.


I have a solution that runs one of my businesses. It uses the data separation model. Data file on a server that is opened on the WAN and local UI files on my machine and my partners machine. As we are at opposite ends of the country, the data file has to reside on a server open to the WAN as it didn't make sense to send the UI data over the internet.


As you can imagine, I would make changes to my copy of the UI, then send a copy of the UI to my partner over email, telling him to bin the previous UI and use the new one. This works just now because its just us two, but when we start to grow this method becomes tedious and just annoying.


I set out to find a way that I could make changes to the UI, upload them to a sort of Version control FileMaker database. Then when my partner logs in on the old UI, it detects a new version on the server, downloads it, removes the original UI and he's good to go.


I have found this technique EXTREMELY useful as I can make changes to the UI and know for a fact that it is pushed to my partners machine the next time he logs in.


My question is this, would any other FileMaker developers, who have run into the same problem as me (having to send users new UI over email or USB), find this solution useful if I brought it to market?


Allowing you to have some sort of version control of your UI files and having the ability for clients to essentially update their UI without you ever having to do it for them.


I'd really appreciate some feedback on this approach and if you would pay for this as a service. Also it doesn't use any plugins to do the updates, its completely FileMaker only. It also works on FMGo 12, haven't confirmed yet for 13 but it should.