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Assigning employees to a job

Question asked by user14967 on May 1, 2015
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I could use your help thinking through how to assign employees to a job.


There are two required roles for each job: an Account Director (AD) and a Project Manager (PM). The rest of the team is variable, and could include a designer, an editor, a copywriter, etc.

The way we've dealt with this so far is to just have two required fields in the Jobs database: AD and PM. The rest of the team is assigned in a portal to a related table called "team." Each row of the portal has two fields: role and name. Pretty standard stuff.

But it bugs me to have it split out this way. It makes searching a little difficult, and I can see where it could be a problem down the road if we wanted to create a dashboard for our employees.


So, to those of you with more experience, I ask: what am I trying to do here? Can you give me some direction?