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conditional value list help

Question asked by burghfan on May 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by burghfan

The Solution has the following Tables

"Products Table"

"Manufacturers Table"

"Estimates Table"

"Estimate Items Table"


The "Products Table" has a field labeled "Item ID" based on a calculation "GetAsNumber(Manufacturer ID) & "-" & Item #"


In the "Estimates Table" I would like to use a Pop Up Menu where only the "Items" from the selected "Manufacturer ID" can be used.


The field will be inside a "Estimate Items Portal"


I have created a values list for the "Item #" which will show all of the "Items" associated with that field from the "Products Table" what I am having trouble with is how to create a "Conditional Value List" that only shows "Items" from the "Products Table" that are associated with a specific "Manufacturer ID"