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What would cause FMP to sleep so soundly?

Question asked by Devon Braun on May 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Devon Braun

Here's the challenge I'm facing: I've got an FMP db running script on a 30-second interval.  It works at first, but after a time (about 15 min) it becomes unresponsive.

The obvious causes do not seem to apply:

- Disconnect when idle is not check marked for the active privilege set.

- The computer hosting the db is set to never sleep (MacOS Yosemite > System Preferences > Energy Saver)


As an alternative to the Install OnTimer Script feature I tried calling the script from a web browser using the fmp:// protocol using a JavaScript setInterval command in a browser window, figuring that would force FMP to wake up.  Same results: it works for a time but becomes responsive.


After running a few tests turned up some interesting details:

The JavaScript interval does remain active (I have it sending out a ping each time it attempt to roust FMP from its slumber), but it does slow down considerably.  So something's slowing down or idling on the computer even if it's not officially "asleep".  Any mouse move will 'wake up' FMP and it will suddenly respond to the prior calls to action as if they were buffered somewhere.


Any ideas?