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How can I navigate through this relationship without using a portal?

Question asked by jgalt on May 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by siplus

I have a table with two global fields (ID_LOG and USER_NAME). I am trying to create a script that will load the previous and next related records. Can I do this without using a layout with a portal?


I am trying to avoid using brute force scripts steps like...go to layout with a portal, go to portal, go to portal row, etc..


(The portal is on the example below for illustration purposes, it is not part of my actual solution.)


This is a very simplified version of the actual solution. In this example the third record has been load with has an ID of 6. If the user presses the previous button that should go to the second record (ID 3) and if they press the NEXT button they should go to the fourth record (ID 13).