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Having a 'summary' field displayed inside a portal

Question asked by planteg on May 4, 2015
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Hello to everyone,


I searched for in the forum but couldn't find an answer. What I am trying to achieve is summary field inside a portal instead inside a layout. I can get the record set I need for the portal, but can't total by a field.


I have two tables - there are more fields that are not relevant for the question:




This is a table where employees enter the time they work for a specific project. The fields of interest are:


EntryDate: date for this entry (date)

EntryProject: the name of the project (text)

EntryTotal: nb of hours for that entry (calculation to a number)




In that table I have two fields that are used to set the date range for the data I need to display in the portal.


DateFrom: beginning of range (Date)

DateTo: end of range (Date)


I created a relationship between these two tables this way:


Enterprise                    TimeEntry


DateFrom     <=          EntryDate     AND

DateTo         <=          EntryDate


On top of that I sort the portal by EntryProject. This way I get in the portal all of the individual records for the date range.


But what I would like to display in the portal is the total for every single project in the range. How can I achieve that in a portal, if at all possible ?


Thanks in advance


Gilles Plante