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How to get a list of all fields containing a specific value in current record

Question asked by NewBR on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by disabled_jackrodgers

My application layout includes thousands of fields linked to multiple tables.   Each one of these fields collects user data using Yes/No radio buttons.


What would be a good approach to identify fields that have ‘No’ radio button selected by user in a record?  Manually generating calculate formula for this will be a headache.  These forms are already being used, and now we are wondering if this option can be implemented.  So a major overhaul of application will not work.



I was hoping that user could click on a button to switch to table view, where only those fields display where user selected ‘No’ radio buttons.

Is this kind of dynamic hiding and display of fields with ‘No’ values in table view possible? 


If not then what else can I do to show only fields with specific values in current record?  Ultimately I want user to easily and quickly identify deficiencies in inspection (which are only few) out thousands of fields.