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    DOC files in interactive container, emails & RTL text orientation


      Hi,  I'm a bit new to Filemaker and uses FM pro 13 and server.


      Hope you will be able to help me with a few questions:


      1. I would like to know if there is a way you can view DOC/DOCX/PPT files in an interactive container (Like PDF, MP3 ...).


      2. Is there a way to send emails via Filemaker that will include a signature and a picture not as an attached file?

      (I configured one of my scripts to send via gmail smtp server).


      3. When I use punctuation marks in Right-toLeft languages, they appear in the beginning of the row and not in the end.

      Is there a built-in option for RTL text orientation or do I need to install a plugin for that?


      Many thanks

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          Markus Schneider

          FOr emails other than plain text (html, rtf,) there are Plugins available. FileMaker sends just plain text and/or attachements


          there is a Plugisn as well for reading Word files and writing RTF files (MBS Plugin (Mac only), 360Works Scribe, )

          - the 'scribe' Plugin reads a word file from a container into a FileMaker text field


          YOu can also use the FileMaker method (export field contents with the option to open that written file). There might be other ways as well