Container fields and security

Discussion created by MartinBridges on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by disabled_jackrodgers

My client wants to store documents within FileMaker. AND only allow users to read them WITHIN FileMaker for security reasons. ie no downloading, exporting or saving outside of the FM13 secure database.


The only way I've managed to achieve this, is if they scan and save all documents as png, jpeg or single page pdfs.

Then via a script we import file into the field. This field is screen size for easy reading. It also has 'entry in browse mode' disabled via the field inspector. Otherwise they can export/copy/save etc.


However most of their documents are multipage pdfs. To view multipage pdfs I need to use the script step insert pdf into an interactive container field. Which is great, and I can read all the pages. However I also get a host of features (inside the container field - like zoom, print, save and tools (export, create, edit, send, store) which negates the security the client demands.


However I play with permissions and everything. I can't get to see multipage pdfs ONLY in FileMaker or come up with a better way than see single page images.


Any suggestions?