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Annotating images in container fields

Question asked by stephensexton on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by J_File

I use the "iDraw" app from Indeeo to annotate images in FileMaker Go stored in my container fields.  I tap on the image and select "View" then "Open in iDraw" via the Sharing link at the top right of the window.  I then copy the image back into the container field.


However, I really like the look of the new iDraw annotation tool that you can access from the same sharing tool, seemingly without leaving FileMaker Go... the problem is that FileMaker Go becomes unresponsive when I try to leave the annotation tool and need to relaunch FileMaker Go. 


My question is, have other FileMaker developers found a different drawing application with a similar annotation tool available under the share link (i.e. where 'print', 'copy', 'assign to contact' and 'save' options are also located) that doesn't crash FileMaker Go?!


I'm using iOS 8.3, FileMaker Go 13.0.9, iDraw 2.2