Scripts reordering themselves

Discussion created by user23437 on May 10, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2015 by Benjamin Fehr

I've been working with FM 14 Advanced and noticed that occasionally script steps will move on their own.


This has been really annoying but not disastrous yet. It appears that when I have a script step or some steps selected, the view will redraw and the script steps will be dumped in the new location (and not gracefully). This happened one after another (in one particular sequence of events), once immediately after the previous time and immediately after a save before the first misplacement. In this case, I just closed without saving, no gotcha this time.


I have used FileMaker since version 3 and use it for many things, personally and professionally. This problem makes it exponentially harder to script. It has slowed me down because I have to look before I do anything and wait to see if things will be reordered or not. This is affecting my confidence that I can create solutions with FileMaker.


I have found a few other problems with FileMaker 14 (server and advanced). Server has dropped clients when I have pasted a graphic into a container several times. I don't have the same problem using Advanced.


I also feel that performance (speed and responsiveness) are less than previous versions.