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    Webdirect - how to open exact record in exact layout and mode




      I have searched the web and found that this should get you to the correct:

      Record Number1234
      Window ModeView

      this is what I found, that you use "Open URL" with this value:


      192.168.1/fmi/webd#Get ( FileName )& lay=Get ( LayoutName )&"viewstyle"=Get ( LayoutViewState )&"record"=Get ( RecordNumber )&"mode"=Get ( WindowMode )


      This part works:

      192.168.1/fmi/webd#Get ( FileName )


      As soon I add:

      & lay=Get ( LayoutName )

      the script window does not accept "lay" when I want to save the script.


      How do I have to change this so I can open the exact record in a browser?


      thanks for the help.

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