Themes, Stiles and Performance in Webdirect solutions

Discussion created by jurijn on May 10, 2015
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I am working on some project where I have to implement FM solution with Webdirect.

I am quite satisfied with performance (but it's true now I have only few records in DB). By tresting I noticed that solution performs much much bether in a Google chrome than in IE. In Mozilla I have not tested yet.

I wonder now, what is the cause?

Probably depends performance only by the webbrowser quality alone.
Do you have some experience with that, some opinion would be grateful??


I have problems with themes and stiles. If a make a new style for a field and save it to a layout and to a design I get some strange colors of a text inside a field. Color looks like a "greyed out" - color (light grey). By other styles that were exported from one existing custom theme, everything works fine (RGB value for the color is the same than by a new style which causes problems).
At the beginning I thought the problem are non standard browser compatible colors, but later I changed the colors to the cross browser compatible and again I had the same problem (greyed out Text in a field).
What could be the cause?

I made that theme from one existing custom theme (exporting to new theme), should that be a reason where some mistakes occured?
Looks like the problem consists by FM inner theme and style managing by webdirect.


Or could the problem be an intern managing of themes and styles by FM webdirect?
I forgot to mention that I am developnig in FM 14 and the files are hosted with FM 13 (possible inconsistencies)?
In last days I noticed, that some other "button-styles" with some picture as a background are also no longer showed properly.
I didnt change anything and few days befor these styles worked fine for me.

Does anyone has similar problems? I hope that these problems will disappear with a new version of FM 14.
FM announced performance improvement for Webdirect and I desperately hope that FM engineers are working in that way.

We can only wait and hope that problems written down have something to do with FM webdirect's optimization handling themes and styles.