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Drawing and saving polygon outline/position coordinates

Question asked by wmloving on May 11, 2015
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I am working with a complex FileMaker auction system that include FileMaker, websites, and a Java applet that has many functions including bidding and uploading/downloading data between FM and the websites via JDBC. All auction data, including images (or image path), is entered into FileMaker and uploaded to the auction site.


A non-US, real estate auction client has requested the following capability:


  • To draw a polygon outlining the shape of the property over an aerial image (from Google Maps)
  • Save the coordinates of the location and shape of the polygon in a text string in FileMaker so that it can be uploaded to the website for display (using web tools) for each lot


Notes on additional conditions, properties and circumstances:


  • Ideally the end user should be able to click on an image in FileMaker, add the polygon, save, and go on to the next record
  • We have looked at GeistInteractive's "GoDraw" product and GoDraw, with some modifications, gets us part of the way there but it does not have a Polygon tool - which is required due to the shape of the properties - and Todd didn't think it could be easily added
  • These properties are in a part of the world where online, US-style tax maps do not exist
  • Typically, the same image will be used for multiple properties; each lot/auction item needs to have it's own outline.
  • There will be only one outline per record.
  • One suggestion has been a Java app running within the WebViewer but the programmer on the website side of things is moving away from Java use and is not keen on that approach. However, if I can find something pre-built....