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How to export number field to text with 2 decimal places

Question asked by mcarey on May 11, 2015
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Does anyone have a calculation or other way to accomplish the following:


I have a number field that contains an invoice total.  I would like to export this field into an excel file with the resulting data to be a text value without a decimal point but including two value places to the right of where the decimal point would be.  So I think I need a calculation that will take that number field and turn it into a text field with a value explained in the examples below. Then I would export that calculated field.


The number field I want to work with is called: "Amount"

The calculated field would be called: "Amount_export_c"


Example 1:

Amount = 1

Amount_export_c = 100


Example 2:

Amount = 1.1

Amount_export_c = 110


Example 3:

Amount = 1.23

Amount_export_c = 123


Example 4:

Amount = 401.2

Amount_export_c = 40120