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    Server 14 and GPUs


      Does Server 14 make use of GPUs such as those in the 2013 Mac Pros?  If so is it worth buying the upgraded GPU machine for Server?

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          Mike Duncan

          Maybe not, but the admin console will render very fast

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            Nope.  It can use all the CPUs and cores it can gets but you're netting much from a GPU.  It's all background processing, no video rendering.

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              That is what I thought, but when I posted a question about buying a new server it was mentioned back channel that I should wait as there was talk that FMS 14 may use the GPUs.  But I will trust Wim on htis

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                It is my experience that FMS14 is much faster in general. I am not sure if GPU usage is part of that. I ran a stress test on the server and I did see GPU a decent amount processing in FMS14 that did not occur in FMS13 on a Mac Mini. I used the Intel Power Gadget to view this.

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                  Regular servers wouldn't have GPUs so it would surprise me very much if FMS is now more tuned to use them.  Perhaps.  But it did not come up in feature discussions during the many months of beta testing.  I would still buy a decent many-core regular server over buying an Mac Pro on the hopes of FMS using the GPU...

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                    FM never replied about this in Beta. It may have just been something unique to my situation but it did exist.

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                      I was under the impression that FMS on a Mac did use the GPU when creating thumbnail images.  This goes back to version 13, if not 12, but I can't find and evidence to support my memory.

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                        I doubt this is true as has been stated servers without a GPU host FMS and generate thumbnails.


                        NickLightbody Do you have any data on this?  Intel® Power Gadget | Intel® Developer Zone .


                        I would not doubt that this step may have been made. I know the Apple store uses FileMaker as a tool to sell MacPro machines and there is a lot of money in the GPU there. Just from the point of co marketing two products from the same group. I know FM and Apple are separate but they are still somewhat connected when it comes to sales in the Apple store. Apple stores also use FM internally to manage their information. I have no idea what they run on for sure or how they are networked. I suppose I could ask.

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                          Back when I decided to hold off on a server box replacement it seemed illogical to me that FMS running on a headless box would be concerned about a graphics card. I asked my best friend, Google, about GPU usage for non graphical tasks. What came back were things like Salesforce using GPUs in process and analyze millions of tweets. So at least the possibility was there and warranted holding off on a purchase.

                          I'm sure every engineer on the Server team knows the answer, I just  don't know how to get the question to them before Devcon.

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                            I wonder if the second video card in the Mac Pro can be pulled out and if so, would it work in anything else?


                            Then, the next question would be, can you chuck any other type of car in the empty slot? (Flash memory expansion?)

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                              i still don't speak from what I know, but ... I suspect FileMaker, inc. did not write the code that resizes the container images.  Instead, they probably rely on the resources provided by the OS.  Principal among these on the Mac is OpenCL which CAN take advantage of GPUs if available.