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FileMaker 14 64 Bit and Send Mail via Email Client

Question asked by smower on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by hmenz

Hello FM Group,


Has anyone gotten Send Mail via Email Client to work on FileMaker 14 64 Bit on Windows? On the FM 14 preview software, I couldn't get it to work with 64 bit Outlook or 32 bit Outlook. I haven't tried on the non preview FM 14 version which I don't have yet.


I cannot get the "Send Mail" via E-mail Client script to work on Windows 7 64 bit machine with the 64 Bit FileMaker 14 Preview Install. In the FM 14 help file it says "Note  In Windows, to send email through an email application, you must have a 32-bit email application if you use the 32-bit version of FileMaker Pro. If you use the 64-bit version of FileMaker Pro, you must have a 64-bit email application."


I originally tried Outlook 2010 32 bit for "Send Mail" via E-mail Client and FileMaker would report the error as "-1 Unknown Error" when I tried to run "Send Mail" script.  I then purchased Microsoft Office 2013 64 bit and removed the 32 bit office off my machine and installed the 64 bit office on my machine. Now when I try to run the "Send Mail" via E-mail Client script no error pops up but no email message is generated either.


Can you please confirm if this is an issue with FileMaker 14 overall or just FileMaker 14 preview software or is it just me and do you have any troubleshooting recommendations?


Thank you in advance,