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    Troi Serial Plug-in 4.0 for FileMaker Pro 14


      Troi Automatisering releases Troi Serial Plug-in 4.0 for FileMaker Pro 14


      Updated serial communication plug-in adds support for 64-bit architecture with FileMaker Pro 14


      May 12th, 2015, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands--Troi Automatisering today announced the immediate availability of Troi Serial Plug-in 4.0 for FileMaker Pro 14.


      What is Troi Serial Plug-in?


      Troi Serial Plug-in gives FileMaker Pro easy and powerful access to external devices with a serial interface:


      • Read from and write to the (virtual) serial ports of the computer directly from FileMaker Pro without the need of a separate application.
      • Native FileMaker script triggering, to get incoming data into the database.
      • "Serial_Control" function to temporarily suspend the incoming data stream and resume it when you are interested in the data.
      • "Wait for Match" function to wait for a specific text before triggering.
      • The possibility to open an unlimited number of serial ports and to trigger different scripts for different ports.


      What is new in version 4.0?


      Troi Serial Plug-in 4.0 has been tested and made compatible with FileMaker Pro 12, 13 and 14:


      • Added support for 64-bit architecture with FileMaker Pro 14
      • Improved the example file EasyInstallTroiPlugins.fmp12, to support the 64-bit version of FileMaker Pro 14


      This version has the following new functionality and fixes:


      • Added new switch -GetRegistrationState to the Serial_Version function: this switch allows you to check if the plug-in is currently registered. We also updated the Version example file to show the use of the new script
      • Fixed a problem in the Simple Serial, Weigh and Terminal example files


      More detailed information on all changes and improvements implemented in Troi Serial Plug-in 4.0 and earlier can be found at: http://www.troi.com/software/serialhistory.html.


      Pricing & Availability


      A fully functional demo version of Troi Serial Plug-in 4.0 is available for downloading at Troi's web site at: http://www.troi.com/software/serialplugin.html.


      Troi Serial Plug-in 4.0 works with FileMaker Pro 12, 13 and 14. The plug-in can also be used with runtimes created by FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 to 14. The plug-in is available for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8.x.


      A cross platform developer license costs US$ 999. Details can be found on our web site. You can order licenses from our web site.


      FileMaker Server requirements


      Troi Serial Plug-in 4.0 also works with FileMaker Server 12, 13 and 14 as a server-side plug-in and as a plug-in used by the web publishing engine and WebDirect.
      We have prepared extensive information on how to install and use Troi plug-ins server-side and web-side on this web page:      http://www.troi.com/support/filemaker-server-side-plug-ins.html


      Upgrade information


      Version 4.0 needs a new registration. Users who bought a license for Troi Serial Plug-in on or after March 31st, 2014 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 4.0. Eligible users will be sent a new registration. Contact us if you have not received yours after 14 May 2015.
      Upgrades from a cross platform developer license bought before 31st March 2014 are available from US$ 499. You can order upgrades from our web site.

      About Troi Automatisering


      Troi Automatisering develops professional iOS apps, is a leading developer of cross platform FileMaker Pro plug-ins and winner of the FileMaker Pro Excellence Award 2001. For more information, visit our web site at: