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    FM 14 Speed Test


      I sure like the speed improvements in 14.


      I ran a test on FMS 14 connecting with a Seedcode Complete solution and timing the opening script.




           FMPA13.0v9       3179 ms

           FMPA14.0.1        1617 ms


      Obviously this is not a scientific study and is just one example.  But sure is a nice result!



      PS:  This is a development machine with FMS14, FMPA13 and FMPA14 on same machine, which is a Mac Pro 2013 model (cylinder) and Mac OS X 10.10.3

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          OTOH I noticed a longer time in switching back and forth between Layout mode and Browse mode, especially Layout > Browse, something I do xxx times a day. Anybody else noticed it ?


          (Mac Book Retina i7 8 GB RAM with Flash storage)

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            I noticed that all FMPA functions were very slow when the Layouts window was open in the development environment (much like testing with the Data Viewer open).  Once I closed the Layouts window, the speed was great.



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              I've had no issues with FileMaker Pro 14 speedwise, but FileMaker Go 14 is running much slower for me when moving between layouts in browse mode (mostly simple scripts, some of which include finds).  I'll be able to try to narrow this down hopefully in the next couple of days would be interested of course to hear if anyone else has a similar experience so far.

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                I noticed it too

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                  I have done extensive testing in comparing 13 and 14 - here is a representative comparison using FMS Stats.


                  In my view, FMS does more with significantly less than FMS13 - when running on OS X Yosemite.


                  My impression is that running on Windows the difference is not so marked, but my research on that difference is not yet definitive, I could be wrong. On OS X the testing has been pretty consistently good but I would welcome observation both supporting or disagreeing with this finding.


                  Cheers, Nick

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                    Markus Schneider

                    FMGo 14 is not meaurable faster in my tests. It's different. Layout switching seems about the same here (but I got own styles for everything).

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                      I have also noticed some things being slower in FMGo14.... Some of my buttons that trigger scripts that result in conditional formatting changes to layout objects seem less responsive than in 13... Have done side by side comparisons by switching between exact same file running in 13 and 14 on iPhone 6.... However some things are smoother/faster, e.g file opening time and screen rotation (layout redraw very smooth)...


                      Where I'm experiencing slower responsiveness I'm also going to look and see if there is anything I can do to optimise for 14....

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                        I am seeing between 50-300% faster load times for webdirect. FMI quotes in their marketing materials that it's 25% faster but I think that's lowballing it, every solution we;ve sent to FMS14 WD has run notably better.


                        I'll be quantifying this data over the next month and presenting results at devcon, if anyone is interested in hard numbers.

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                          Getting a little better speed in FM Go 14 after installing FM Server 14, but still much slower for me than FM13... pretty much everything.  I'm using a custom theme with almost all object styles saved into the theme, but even a basic search seems slower, and returning the same layout and record that remains open - seems like it is refreshing very poorly

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                            Markus Schneider

                            I'm on the first day with the overworked version of our accounting/reporting solution, local on my iPad

                            - about the same as before under go13

                            - got 2 crashes when viewing the list, browsing through that list, go back to detail view (just a layout change by script)

                            - fonts are looking different, but thats minor


                            in general, no difference regarding work processes. Synk (goes on a server13) without problems, same as before

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                              Markus Schneider wrote:

                              […] the overworked version of our accounting/reporting solution […]

                              I think you mean “overhauled” … quite possibly by now you're the one who's overworked

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                                Markus Schneider

                                true. both.


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                                  Markus Schneider

                                  HAd to work on Go14 this afternoon, connected via WLAN to my Mac to adjust the fonts

                                  - slower than 13 IMHO when connected to a host (this time not FMS, FM14 on a Mini i7, RAM always ~3-4 GB free

                                  - tends to crash, had 2 crashes of Go, 1 crash of Desktop. Not good.


                                  I went back to the last backup, but after working this way during the whole 13-season, I never had problems like this...