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    Warning about toolbars and keyboard in FMGO 14


      In FMGO 13 if you hide the Toolbar it would remain hidden when the keyboard is visible.  This is not the case in FMGO 14.  The toolbar will still remain at the top of the keyboard.  There is now a new option in the Show/Hide Toolbars script step called "Include Edit Record Toolbar".  By default this option is unchecked which means on any existing files the toolbar will now be visible on the keyboard.  This can potentially be a problem for some existing solutions.  If you check the Include Edit Record Toolbar option there now appears to be a bug that will not allow you to close the keyboard with the close keyboard key.  The keyboard will close but it will immediately open again.   Also, if you have the toolbar hidden and select the Include Edit Record Toolbar option, when you click on a field on the bottom half of the layout, the keyboard will cover the field. In my opinion it would have made much better sense to have an option called "Do Not Include Edit Record Toolbar".


      The Find option is no longer part of the toolbar. It is now part of the menubar. The Find option can be disabled by Hiding the menubar which I don't recommend because it also hides the new Action Folder (great new feature).  You can also control the Find my settings menus to Edit Only or Minimum in the privilege set.


      Having the Toolbar left on the keyboard can potentially trigger an OnLayoutSizeChange script trigger.  Not good.


      There does not appear to be a way to hide the status bar.  In FMGO 13 you could do this in the settings.


      If you have a drop-down list field followed by a checkbox/radio button field, once you select an item in the drop-down, the part of the screen covered by the keyboard will stay dim and the toolbar will be in the middle of the screen.

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          I attach a screen shot of how I control the environment on startup and a shot of this app in Go14 with and without an editable field being accessed.


          I don't have the problem you describe but I do lock down the Ui for normal users and would never expose them to any native FM controls.


          However, the similar problem I do have is being unable to hide the top and bottom bars in Safari on iPhone, so the same App displays exactly the same in WebDirect on iPhone except with the sad loss of all that screen space top and bottom.


          To control this I think the only way is using an iOS wrapper to display the WebDirect screen without the Safari extras which I gather cannot otherwise be hidden?


          Just my approach, others will no doubt disagree.


          Cheers, Nick

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            Thank you! Saved me alot of time figuring this out!