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    Purpose for "Include Edit Record Toolbar"


      FileMaker Go has a new option for the Hide/Show Toolbar script step called "Include Edit Record Toolbar".  By default this option is unchecked.  In FMGO 14 if Hide Toolbars is used and you don't check this option, the toolbar will still show when the keyboard is visible.   Doesn't it make sense that if you want the toolbar hidden, more than likely you also want the toolbar hidden when the keyboard pops up.  At the very least this option should have been "Don't Include Edit Record Toolbar" instead of "Include Edit Record Toolbar".  That way there would not have been a behavior change from FileMaker Go 12/13 to FileMaker Go 14.


      Can somebody from FileMaker or a beta tester please comment on the useful purpose of this option?

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          If the tool bar is locked and hidden, in IOS it will appear with the keyboard so you can do tab, etc. Sadly the arrow keys show.


          That's the old way.


          Now the Include Checkbox was added so that if you have lock checked, when the keyboard appears the toolbar remains hidden. Now the toolbar with the helpful buttons dissapears.


          A user did not design this since a user would realize how important the tab style buttons are... That checkbox would leave those available but disable the arrow keys...  Upper management and engineers don't use FileMaker Pro or Go very much...


          This confusing terminology is what happens with legacy software where an old function must be retained since the user might update to the newer version...and when multiple versions and platforms and ...such...are shoe horned into one software such as PRO trying to script for Mac, Windows, IOS and browsers. Better might be to ridgidly control the table design but create an application dedicated for each platform.