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    FileMaker Server 14 License Error


      I am trying to install FMS14 on one of our servers and I am getting a license conflict error which I have never seen before, where the server is conflicting with itself. I found a reply regarding this error in FMS13, but mine seems a little different. After (successful) configuration, I get a dialog box with an error, which asks me to update my license key:




      For those who cannot see the image, the dialog box title is "FileMaker Sever License" (sic: nice QA there guys). The text beneath says:

      Another copy of FileMaker Server QUSB1S.us.t-internal.com ([::1]) is already running with this license. This copy of FIleMaker Server will not open any databases, but will allow updating the license key or configuring for standby server.

      Below that is space to update the license key.


      To be clear, the server named is this server itself. It thinks it is conflicting with itself.


      So far I have:

      1. Checked that the server name in the admin console matches the server name in the Windows control panel & rebooted. Originally these did not match (and in fact the dialog box then had only "QUSB1S ([::1])" for the server name. When I changed it in the Admin Console & rebooted, it changed in the dialog box. Note also that the "([::1])" is not actually part of the server name. This looks like a Bonjour notation to me, and I wonder if this is part of the problem.

      2. Re-entered the license key info & rebooted.

      3. Rebooted again because it's Windows and sometimes, well, you know.


      Anyway, does anyone have any ideas on this?


      Thanks in advance



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          If you are using a custom SSL certificate, then you are in the same boat as a lot of us. This is an issue that Filemaker is going to address in the next point update, but no timeframe is available. The only workaround for now is to install a trial copy of FMS14, because it doesn't check for multiple installation instances like the shipping version does.

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            Seems to be a bigger problem. Hoster FMP Host has/had the same problem. Maybe they solved (they have one server running 14 now) and ask them.


            "Today, FileMaker released the FileMaker 14 Platform.

            FMPHost was ready with servers in each of our facilities waiting to install the official release version of the software and throughout the day even brought some online.

            However, there seems to be a bug in FileMaker Server 14 that intermittently and unexpectedly will close all of the database on the server because it thinks the license key installed is in use more than once on the network. This is absolutely not the case at FMPHost. We own individual licenses for each machine and in those error messages we are receiving the server is referencing itself.

            We’ve worked all day with FileMaker to correct this behavior and even after hours on the phone with their support representatives they were unable to correct the issue for us. They are escalating the issue to their senior support representatives who promise a call back tomorrow.

            So, for the time being, rather than provide an unstable platform, we are removing these servers from the available server lists until we can reliably get them to work.

            If you’ve already uploaded a database to one of FileMaker Server 14 machines, you can still retrieve it from the control panel but we advise you to not keep any mission critical databases on these servers.

            We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we’ll send another email when the cause has been identified and corrected."

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              Hey Stanley, any chance this server has two NIC's? I'm curious if somehow it's seeing itself, and maybe turning one of them off would help you get through.

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                FMPHost solved the problem by installing the demo ...


                So there is a prominent bug in Server 14.


                That´s what they told their customers:


                "FMPHost now has stable and secure FileMaker Server 14 servers in each of our facilities and their use is included in all of our FileMaker Pro Database Cloud Hosting plans.

                FMPHost was not alone in the license key conflict issue regarding FileMaker Server 14. In fact, there are two FileMaker Community threads where others report experiencing the same issue:


                FileMaker, according to their technical support representatives we’ve spoken to, have classified this issue as a bug with the FileMaker Server 14 software. The workaround they provided for us to be able to offer secure FileMaker 14 Server hosting services was to install the 30 day free trial version of the software while we wait for them to issue a maintenance release.

                The free trial version of FileMaker Server 14 is what is currently installed on all of our FileMaker Server 14 instances and has 2 important limitations:

                1) Each server cannot surpass a total of 26 WebDirect or FileMaker Go connections. In most cases, this will not be an issue, but if you are a high connection count customer please continue to wait for the maintenance release.

                2) The free trial period will end in 30 days. It is our hope that FileMaker will release their fix before the 30 day free trial period is up, but we have no guarantees. Should the fix not be released we will have to rebuild the servers again using the free trial software to give us another 30 days. This server rebuilding and database copying, should it be required, will incur a few hours of downtime. Therefore, if you have mission critical databases then please continue to wait for the maintenance release.

                We regret the delay, confusion and uncertainty that has come with this release. Please know that at FMPHost we are working hard to keep everything as seamless and stable as possible."

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                  Markus Schneider

                  I think that we have to wait for an official statement from Matthew - running a demo seems not to be a final solution IMHO (some issues in the past took more than 30 days to solve..)

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                    We don't consider the installation of the demo to be a final solution which is why we warned our customers about the realities of going forward with what we've installed.  But now several days after launch we needed to provide something for which our users could at least test their solutions.

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                      Hi Matt


                      Well, this is a remote virtual server set up by corporate IT, and the networking config is their own concoction, but I can see that there are 3 vmxnet adapters, each with its own IP address, each on its own network. I would imagine that these are all distinctly separate (there's the 'customer LAN', which is what we use, the 'Admin LAN' which is IT's path in, and the 'Backup LAN' which sounds self-explanatory but looks to me like a locally-generated 168.0.x.x address).


                      Short answer: you tell me!


                      Hope all is well out west.



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                        ... where I wrote "each with its own IP address" I should have said "each has an IP address on a separate domain".

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                          In our case we have one NIC exposed to the virtual machine and we've even disabled IPv6 to see if that was causing the problem.  Unfortunately nothing worked but installing the free trial.

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                            I agree. While I could live with using the demo license for that time-period (because this actually is just for a demo), I also need to do load testing, and that's not feasible with that license. And anyway, it is a shipping product, and I should really be able to make proper use of the license, etc etc etc.

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                              ... jeez I should have had my coffee before I wrote that. The Backup LAN is local as in 192.168.x.x :-P

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                                Markus Schneider

                                fully agree, no offending!

                                I'm interested in some more infos from FMI - all of our customers with FMS have already v13, so they are not in a hurry

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                                  I see people saying that the 'trial' license works. By this I assume they all mean the Preview license which was issued back in March (or thereabouts.) As far as I can tell, that license is no longer available (the link on the 22 April re-issue email just leads to your TechNet download page, where there is no longer any preview link.)


                                  So... I switched to my FMS14 Dev license instead. This, unfortunately, has the same license conflict issue.



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