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FileMaker Server 14 License Error

Question asked by stanley on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by cwhorton

I am trying to install FMS14 on one of our servers and I am getting a license conflict error which I have never seen before, where the server is conflicting with itself. I found a reply regarding this error in FMS13, but mine seems a little different. After (successful) configuration, I get a dialog box with an error, which asks me to update my license key:




For those who cannot see the image, the dialog box title is "FileMaker Sever License" (sic: nice QA there guys). The text beneath says:

Another copy of FileMaker Server ([::1]) is already running with this license. This copy of FIleMaker Server will not open any databases, but will allow updating the license key or configuring for standby server.

Below that is space to update the license key.


To be clear, the server named is this server itself. It thinks it is conflicting with itself.


So far I have:

1. Checked that the server name in the admin console matches the server name in the Windows control panel & rebooted. Originally these did not match (and in fact the dialog box then had only "QUSB1S ([::1])" for the server name. When I changed it in the Admin Console & rebooted, it changed in the dialog box. Note also that the "([::1])" is not actually part of the server name. This looks like a Bonjour notation to me, and I wonder if this is part of the problem.

2. Re-entered the license key info & rebooted.

3. Rebooted again because it's Windows and sometimes, well, you know.


Anyway, does anyone have any ideas on this?


Thanks in advance